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The world of intaglio

At the time, these archaeological stones were used as seals, but also as an object of protection. Most often mounted in rings, the intaglios were already real works of art. The subjects of the engravings drew their inspiration from Italic legends, Greek myths, literary texts and other arts.

Their symbolic language expressed the needs, dreams and fears of their owners, but also reflected their personal aspirations. Through the delicacy of the engravings, a universe is revealed that is both full of history and evocative myths. These stones with noble materials reveal all the grandeur of the past in an almost secret setting.

More than a jewel, wear a real piece of history.

How to create your jewel ?

make an appointment

If you like an intaglio or a piece of jewellery, you can make an appointment via the form. You can meet us in Paris or remotely by phone.


Each piece of jewellery is custom-made in our Parisian workshop. We are happy to help you create the jewel that is most faithful to you and the stone.

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You will be informed as soon as your jewel is ready for collection. We also ensure delivery in France and abroad.


A custom-made production

Each intaglio is unique, so each piece of jewellery is unique. If you like a particular stone, it is important that we can set it aside for you while you think about the type of project you want.

ZOé monnier

The creator

Zoé grew up through the travels and inspirations of her globe-trotting parents. It was while working in a gallery specializing in the archaeology of the Mediterranean basin that she discovered her beloved intaglios but also all the ancient culture that fascinated her.

In 2016, Zoé decided to unite her passion for intaglio and her taste for jewellery to create her first collection. She now proposes to share her universe, to wear a piece of history, a mystical talisman whose uniqueness and antiquity are enough to make us dream.