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The world of intaglio
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Exploring intaglio, deciphering its symbolism and transforming it into a wearable object: Pierres delves deep into the history of this intaglio-engraved ancient stone and imagines intimate pieces flirting between artwork and jewelry. Cuneiform characters, hieroglyphs, references to nature or the gods, inscribed in agate, carnelian, lapis lazuli, chalcedony...

Wrapped in gold by Parisian craftsmen and worn on the skin, in turn a talisman or an everyday adornment, the reinvented intaglio speaks of a state of mind; claiming a form of eternal absolute, summoning ancient influences and blending poetic imaginations, to invite each and every one of us to travel on the thread of eternity.

More than a piece of jewelry, wear a real piece of history

How to create your jewelry?

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If you like an intaglio or a piece of jewellery, you can make an appointment via the form. You can meet us in Paris or remotely by phone.


Each piece of jewellery is custom-made in our Parisian workshop. We are happy to help you create the jewel that is most faithful to you and the stone.

receive your jewel

We'll let you know as soon as your jewel is ready for collection. We also deliver in France and abroad.


A custom-made production

The Pierres pieces are crafted in our Paris workshop from 18-carat gold and antique intaglios chosen for their particularity. They are all unique, in the image of the stones they encircle.

About ZOé monnier

A gem hunter with a background in art history, Zoé fell in love with intaglios from the Roman period, "those tiny precious stones that take us on a journey through the history of the ancient world".

Since 2016, she has been collecting them in her Left Bank boutique-gallery. All chosen for their singularity in both the engraved scenes depicted and the color, she takes these delicate, discreet stones a step further, seizing on them to imagine them as little wearable works of art. An intimate jewelry collection conceived with awareness and subtlety. A seductive vision of singularity.