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A vestige of antiquity

Our pieces are drawn with intaglio, fine stones engraved in hollow thanks to a work of great delicacy. Dated between the 4th century B.C. and the 5th century A.D., they have come down to us and reveal their universe to us.


jewel is unique

Each intaglio is unique, by its shape, its subject, its stone, its history. This is how each piece of jewellery becomes unique.

To wear a Pierres jewel is to wear an intimate work of art dated a few millennia ago, and to appropriate it by giving it again its role of talisman.


Discover our intaglio

Apollo and his tripod

Roman art, 1st - 2nd century


A ram lying down

Egyptian-Roman art, 1st century

Agate and yellow gold

Portrait of Mercury

Roman art, 1st - 2nd century

Red Jasper


Impressions of gold intaglio

How to create your jewelry?

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If you like an intaglio or a piece of jewellery, you can make an appointment via the form. You can meet us in Paris or remotely by phone.


Each piece of jewellery is custom-made in our Parisian workshop. We are happy to help you create the jewel that is most faithful to you and the stone.

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You will be informed as soon as your jewel is ready for collection. We also ensure delivery in France and abroad.


Our Parisian workshop

The respect of the history of the stone is very important to us, in order to respect it no restoration or modification has been made to it. Each piece of jewellery is custom-made in our workshop in the heart of Paris, by a qualified jeweller. 


"Carnelian, red jasper, garnet finely carved in hollow... the designer puts these delicate objects at the center of her creations, offering them a sober design to let their brilliance express itself."

- Vogue Paris